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  1. The reason why some regiments have it and some don't is because it was given to regiments that need it a lower ranks. Example being DU. At the time, other regiments weren't given it because of the trust and being able to abuse it easily. To be fair, it isn't difficult to make a claim and get it instead.
  2. -1 In my option, them models look disgusting. I am pretty sure another modeller is making better models so probably will have to wait till them but I don't think having them models on the server will be able to make more events. They are just another Clone Squadron but what do I know I am not an EP
  3. You have been perma-banned twice. The first time you kept abusing scavenger disguises and your attitude led to a ban. You had your chance by being un perma-banned and once again, you make the wrong choice and get perma-banned. -1
  4. -1 The map is literally a resize of the one that was removed by Harland for FPS Issues. File size isn't the best. The optimization isn't the best which will lead to low FPS in areas. Most likely will causes people to crash or for it to be unplayable for people with shit Computers.
  5. It was a permanent ban due to that being the only option in the default banning system. The additional ban system via a bot I didn't use. You aren't the only person that has been banned perma for spamming. If I remember correctly, you spam pinged as you left the server so that doesn't reflect positively. As you are now back on the server, I will say that it is quite important for you to have it so +1
  6. -1 As the name of the location suggests, it is used for developing vehicles. The only people that should be able to go in there as CE, RC and CL5+. To the left is a "Hangar" and that can be used for spawning vehicles such as tanks and speeders whether that is the CG one or GC one. As Nathan mentioned, if you are worried about the speeders getting stolen then call an admin to delete them.
  7. Imagine you were the cadet, maybe you came onto the server to mess about but you are unable to get trained. That just isn't fair at all as well as not enjoyable. I understand that It may be annoying but at the end of the day, new players need to have more enjoyment then older players. If this was implemented, the number of players that stay on the server would decrease as majority of people that join the server are here to minge. As mentioned from other comments, just call a staff member and we will sort it out.
  8. +1 - Active - Mature - Friendly - Can easily adapt to situations - Good Application
  9. +1 Active Mature Seems Friendly
  10. +1 Active as hell Well Known Mature Very Friendly
  11. +1 Active, Performs well, Funny, Friendly, VERY Well-known. Who doesn't like him?
  12. So looking at your ban, it states the reason as "Minge | Just dick around in General chat" not sure who banned you though. It seemed quite a while ago as it was before the discord staff loggings so sure +1. (If you are actually wanting to play on the server again)
  13. -1 Pretty much what everyone else said. It was such a prick move deleting spreadsheets and player pulling is obviously wrong.
  14. You got very lucky in the first place in getting unbanned but you ended up getting yourself banned. It was stated at the time, that it was your final chance and you fuck it up. -1