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  1. +1 Even after that much time playing, getting permanently banned and you're still interested in the server shows the dedication you have for the server. He knows most of the server's playerbase and at this point it's just a meme with his whole punishments situation.
  2. +1 - Nigga just put a jewish star 2 times and niggas acting like he's destryoing player's RP. - Not a single rule against rope usage (Maybe make your rules more in-depth before taking any actions.) - Mr Allah had permission to vandalize (aslong as it's not excessive) from a CAT member that is a WW2-NRP Focus. - Reason of the ban is incorrent as he did RP the situation, therefore the whole ban is invalid. (Reminds me of Chev banning people on Jailbreak that he didn't like for "Cheating")
  3. It's very sad seeing these kind of reports, if Jimbo were to "Break server rules" he would get punished as any other normal staff member, it's not even close to being true what most people say that "Oh he's a Community Developer there's nothing we can do it about him" I've literally been in a call with this "Mingy group" every single time we are playing on the server and we follow every single rule there is, even having people that make sure we do follow them, such as Auster watching over, or other former staff members of the server making sure we don't break any single rule. The problem with people like you is that you cannot stand CombatRP or you just cannot stand that the other 50% of the server's roleplay are the criminal jobs and the fact that their job is to do criminal stuff around Berlin such as killing, kidnapping, raiding and more shit. Yesterday there was a kid who reported us kindapping him around 5 times in a row trought a single kidnap session, the staff themselves were telling him to stop making reports over shit like that. It's just that people are not used to have criminals fucking up the Reich duties and not letting them stand on the MB walls for 12 hours a day. This "mingy group" that you are refeering to has been handing out tiers to staff members thru the forums and even being watched over by SMT & CAT being on the discord call and themselves being on the server with us on staff members that are not fit or just not handling sits like they're supposed to, and getting to the point of teaching them of existing rules that they didn't even know themselves. We've been getting witchhunted by a shit ton of staff members and getting to the point of being watched by 4+ staff members around us in noclip at the same time on what we're doing just because of niggas crying about us doing what we're supposed to but trying to get us banned because they can't stand us. But guess what, none of them can do shit because we follow every single rule like it's written on the Server Rules on the forums. So please do me a favour, and shut the fuck up. Jimbo got 2 staff abuse reports in 2 weeks and both are a fucking joke. Grow up. -1
  4. Maybe read the last part of my post before replying to it.
  5. Why are niggas acting like the server gamemode ain't called World WAR 2, of course it's not going to be some 5 star Dubai Hospital, it's going to look like a camp because it's a fucking war gamemode and believe it or not, medical camps did exist back then. Let me just reference it with a picture for some uneducated niggas that haven't seen a medical camp during WW2 before - What a surprise huh? They didn't have some next up SCP type keycards door that goes into a hospital bunker, they just had a fucking tent and some wooden made up beds to bring the wounded soldiers from the war. The only aspect I would say that looks FailRP would be the towers, nothing else. If they aren't supposed to be spawned in blacklist them, if event planners need to use them just whitelist them to the according rank or get a super admin to spawn them in, don't put up bait props that get players banned without prior warning on their usage.
  6. +1 So staff are now banning people who spawn props that should be blacklisted but aren't? Didn't know the bans became a guessing game at this point lmao
  7. -1 No, you weren't banned for "False Gestapo reports" you got banned because you metagame'd as you knew he was mafia from previous encounters and made a completely false report when the mafia were PassiveRP'ing at the NSDAP stand. Your exact report was "Grey light suit and a hat is armed and dangerous, he is at NSDAP stand", which is a very exact description for someone who you don't know is a mafia. Either way, if your point makes sense I would be going around "swatting" people who I know are mafia OOC, you don't think that's going to be classed as metagaming? Also that word you like to use "Swatting" was first used in 2008 and early put on the dictionary in 2015, so no, you didn't what's known as "Swatting"
  8. You were given a clear command of "stand still" while gun pointed, the situation is far away from the fact that you can take cyanide in shackles and with FearRP not implying, but you didn't stop moving when told to various times and being gun-pointed which I believe was the main reason of the FearRP in this case. That'll be a -1 from me
  9. +1 As a former DarkRP Manager I have seen a lot of head glitching bases and loopholes, and that is far away from head glitching.
  10. +1 A really nice and well behaved guy, usually a very chill guy to be around. Also very competent and good when it comes to doing tasks he's asked to.
  11. Yes, DarkRP will have the climbswep 2 addon.
  12. no, deathrun clearly won. (necroposting ain't cool btw)