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  1. Hello User, After reading your ban appeal i am going to have to -1 for many reasons. One of the main reasons is your permission to kill the person was none existent. You of all people have played the sever long enough to know that RA + can execute prisoners. IF there is no RA + then the highest RC on can kill a prisoner. They cannot grant the killing of the prisoner they can just do it themselves. As a battalion 2nd LT you shouldn't really be anywhere near an RC interrogation what so ever. Furthermore whether you told people to leave the area or not is irrelevant you shouldn't of been the one to shoot those kerasone tanks in the first place as like i previously stated it is an RA + descion to kill the prisoner. Overall just because the tanks where there does not grant you permission to shoot them whether it be funny or not it is still a MRDM ban.
  2. Staff manger Lewis please deny this buddy
  3. -1 little detail low playtime wouldn’t suit staff
  4. +1 Bobby is a dedicated member to WG and would not intend to be malicious towards any part of WG. I belive the situation is a big misunderstanding. I feel Bobby bands should be un banned because of A CAT mistake and I personally feel that the discord staff manger involved doesn’t need a medal upgrade aswelll from the situation
  5. -1 CTS + vehicle = mass rdm
  6. Man crying cause he gets shit on with aggressive 3 -1 if you can’t beat them join them
  7. Dear Applicant,I have read through your entire Staff Application in detail. Overall I see you on the sever lots however. However in my opinion this staff application is lacking. Almost every answer could be more detailed and some answers therefore are not correct. I don't want to go through every single answer in this reply but I will give a few examples: -1 can be toxic
  8. Dear applicant after reading through ur application in great detail I’m going to have to -1. first of all you do not meet the required playtime to be eligible to apply for staff on star wars. Furthermore although u go into great detail in this application you are a low rank I suggest getting more well known amongst people in the community. This is also incorrect as it is an i character situation meaning that the saluting is meant to be dealt with in character, out of character punishments do not apply for not saluting it is also not really enforced much in character let alone out of character. As a staff member/ SOD you don’t need to get involved with the i character aspect of saluting. -Fusion (SS-Brigadeführer
  9. Dear applicant after reading over your staff application in great detail. I am deciding to +1. this is due to your great understanding of ULX knowledge which can be seen through your time as an event planner. Furthermore you are dedicated to the sever, you are able to portray a good amount of dedication and matureness to our sever. I personally feel you would make a great edition to the Star Wars staff team - Fusion (SS-Brigadeführer)