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  1. Dear Applicant, As your profile is private we cannot using your Steam Profile Link get your Steam ID, and therefore we can't access the warns you have been issued to verify what has happened, without the proper Steam ID we cannot unban you, can you please give us the proper Steam ID?
  2. Dear Applicant, Normally with it being ban evading it would state a reason such as 'this is because of ban evading', this isn't the case, plus the warnings also do not show this. I am unsure using our system on why you are banned, doesn't say who banned you and why, so I am pretty confused myself on this situation.
  3. You have to wait til an Server Management Team member has accepted or declined your appeal.
  4. Yes I hope you don't, after your 3 days are up, as you have been banned for only 3 days.
  5. There is enough evidence showing you did ARDM x4, which is what it is stated in the reply from the banning member, that is also said in your actual steam ID, photos below. Therefore I am -1 this application.
  6. This person had just had a sit with me, and from what I gathered he is unsure whether it was the incident on the 10th or the 11th, but reiterates that he did not see the gun when he was gunpointed and that he only saw shackles, which is why he gunpointed himself and then after the sit was issued the warning. I have contacted both Admins about the incident in question.
  7. It seems to be that when you had be banned under the Forum Unban Request of this link: The other account had then attempted to join, and therefore was banned permanently, a photo of this is below. As the original ban was on this account, both accounts get Permanently Banned. All I'd suggest is waiting for the Server Management Team to make a judgement on your case, but thank you for informing us of the other Steam ID that was used at your IP address.
  8. Dear Applicant, Using the information you provided in the Steam ID section using Steam ID Finder, it has come up to this Steam ID - STEAM_0:0:58388746 However this is not got any Warnings on this server, can I ask if there is another Steam ID that you have, and you accidently used this one or provided the wrong information?
  9. Dear Applicant, Using Steam ID Finder using the information you provided this is your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:70680648 . It stated you were banned yesterday for Fail RP - Releasing yourself while in presense of others, meaning you were releasing yourself while in Shackles most likely infront of the person that arrested you. When it comes to what you are stating, if someone had gunpointed you and got you to stop, you'd still be under Fear RP when he gets the shackles out so that is a proper and fair arrest, unless if you are claiming RDA? Photo of your Current Warns Below.
  10. Dear Applicant, Can we have your Brothers Steam ID please?
  11. You are already but I have given the reason why it was a Perma Ban
  12. Dear Applicant, You were banned when we had the seven ban system, several bans = perma ban at that time. Here is a photo of all your warns/bans.
  13. Dear Applicant, You were banned for LTARP by Steinfeld's On Duty, which is why you had been banned for 2 Days and a Half.
  14. When it comes to that 1. SMT havent replied 2. I despute breaking the rules as well it doesnt show any evidence of what Pollok said and the /me was in my view after I did all the /opens... So in general don't state Ive broken a rule if the decision is not done yet.
  15. Dear Applicant, That is not what I said in the staff abuse report, what you were doing with that warn message was communicating in REICH comms to tell them the location while being kidnapped, you can however communicate in /open for communicating about a court trial, that is completely different.