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  1. CV Application Results @James Bluejay- Altough your CV is decent the time you spent within the organization was deemed to be below our requirements. Side Note from the Internal Security Department Managment Team: The applications are re-opened from now on for an unspecified amount of time. Good luck to all applicants.
  2. +1 I mean I agree with this, in real life if you have 2 robbers if you put 1 in jail the other wont magically teleport there
  3. Idk what you mean by that, the only reason I know 457 is because of the server lol
  4. That was a thread made back when 457 was even worse, I agree with Xunt, the point of breaches is to be hard to contain the SCPs back, however 457 is different, 076-II and 682 for example are examples of hard to contain SCPs yet 457 is on a whole new level because as I explained, there is only 1 way to contain him other than waiting it out, not to mention that all other SCPs are possible to test with however in 457 case, it is utterly impossible to have some kind of RP due to the reasons I mentioned in the suggestion. I mean it's partially their fault, yes they could team up and try to
  5. The title is self-explanatory 457 must be the most cancerous, broken and hated thing on the server so in behalf of all the people I'll give a few reasons to why Xunt should Thanos snap him out of the server: 1º- Impossible to ResearchRP with. Researching with 457 is completely impossible due to the fact that even getting close to him will kill you, it gets even worse when he gets bigger and some retards will just feed him furniture and in the end you get a battleship sized humanoid creature that can cook LCZ personnell for breakfast 2º- Magical fire I believe th
  6. The First SCP you saw or heard about: 106 Your First Favorite SCP: 3007 First SCP game you EVER played: Roblox SCPRP, I think it was like Site-61 or smth How old were you when you discovered SCP: 10-11
  7. 1º- Pog 2º- How can you aim with those sights so up close smh
  8. The best soldier to fight the GOC
  9. +1 - Good playtime and seen often in-game - Ok app Give the guy a chance
  10. What if I want to use the Scar H but I can't because it does the same damage as a litteral pistol In this case yes, it's a rifle it doesn't make sense, I want more options other than AR15 or G36C (the usual ones I see around)
  11. I know the PDRs stats because it was the literal only weapon we could use in AR
  12. +1 From the times I've seen him he is pretty good