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  1. Denied I honestly couldn't care less about the exact identity of the character you were RP-ing as. You were clearly minging and acting like retards as anyone can tell from reading the thread which justifies the NITRP ban reason. In my opinion considering both your actions on the server and your reasoning on the forums it is clear that you either have no intention to take the server seriously or do not possess the intelectual capacity to do so. If you still do not understand why you got banned for NITRP by now then it's likely the second part of the previous sentence was accurate. Your ba
  2. Boudy doxed? Not even a joke, you unironically possess the writing skills of a homo erectus.
  3. I believe the quality of a suggestion can be assessed by looking at the people who support it and the arguments they make is support of it.

    черный проситель убежища 😂

  5. Weene

    Stupid nigger die die die

  6. I'm starting to believe the reason you stated was behind your initial demotion extends to more than just your IC career.
  7. Accepted Since you seem sincere in your apology and determined to become a rule abiding player your ban will be removed. However make sure that you do not repeat the behaviour that got you banned in the first place since we are not likely to unban you twice. Have fun on the server!
  8. +1 Great app, very detailed answers, known member of the community, in my opinion he would be a great addition to the staff team.
  9. That moment when your answer to the main question of the application is shorter than the question itelf. "Explain in length and detail" do be like 17 words.