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  1. +1/Neutral Overall seems like a fairly fun event to partake in. Creativity is one of the things that needs to be shown for Event Management to have an interested, and this event seems fairly decent. Not too much playtime, but 4 weeks is still a pretty decent amount. The Jedi event seems pretty scripted, I would suggest allowing the Jedi more freedom in what they want to do, and give the Sith more reason to have an interest. Just wanting to kill Jedi is kind of a lame excuse to fight. Have them want something in the first place, allow multiple scenarios to occur, and that will re
  2. +1 Playtime is very high, so is his in character rank. Also is very active and competent, has the rank to show for it. Overall, a really detailed application with an original and creative idea. This looks like a lot of fun to play, so one of the best candidates so far. Best of luck!
  3. -1 High Playtime, high clone rank. Don't want to sound like a dickhead but this is a very poor application. Unoriginal, Base attack. Jedi event makes little to no sense. Many problems can occur with higher rankings killing clones. The main problem, is clone on clone combat. When performing this, you need to alert the GAR somehow that the people they are fighting are not Republic. No republic personnel would kill clones for 2 million credits, unless they were human at the least. With this, if the GAR does not know that they are fake, Golden Rule comes into play. Ma
  4. +1 One of the best candidates by far, although with a low playtime, Loaf is very friendly with others and I personally have never had a problem with him. His application is very detailed for both the Clone and Jedi side. It has passive RP to set off the event, specialised tasks for RC and ARC, and overall looks really fun to play. Only one negative however which is, do not use snipers on last stands. The amount of people that will cry when they get 1 tapped will be overflowing. The only time I would bring this in is that there are many, many GC, and to make the sniper only target the
  5. Neutral Clearly dedicated due to his time spent in Jedi, competent too hence such a high rank. High playtime, so a lot of experience. To be honest, a pretty plain event. Understandably IMO, Clones and Jedi mixing is quite fun however you haven't really mentioned how they would work together, only that the clones are just coming to the JT to destroy the droids. For what others have said, not all events need to be complex, and a simple event can be good. I can agree, to a certain extent. Like I have mentioned on other peoples applications, with your application to becoming an
  6. Neutral/-1 High Playtime Very little originality in this event. I understand that EPs do basic events, unoriginal too a lot however for your application you want to create an event that is more engaging than the one you've created. It is hard to create original events however small things can be performed to do so, having basic unoriginal events for your application is something no one should do, and say that EPs do it as an excuse. You want to make Event Management believe and understand that you are able to create creative and fun events. Recently resigned from 327th, only LCP
  7. Couldn't of said it any better to be honest. Both parties were stupid but it was resolved, to now bring it back up again which is not only hypocritical but just going back on your word.
  8. I play SWRP purely for the Poker
  9. What I mean when it comes to RC helping with it, it all depends on the type of medal. The main reason is the fact it is much easier for an RC to get some kind of combat medal or bravery medal than regular troops due to their access to equipment and how SL+ can disobey Battalion, but depending on the medal it can be given to RC too, I see no problem with that. As IMO RC would help is like you said mainly for recommendations, but that will need to be more refined on how RC do this. With medals they usually have a set requirement to get, like 20+ kills in an event or something, but with thes
  10. It all depends on the requirements for the Medal. Like I said, I have no idea what they would want to make the requirements, but if it was something to be tracked it really wouldn't be hard. Make a column on a separate spreadsheet saying the requirement, and when someone does it, put their name in. You don't need to publicly log every single requirement, just the medal when it was given.
  11. +1 Never knew Sharp was good when it came to ideas
  12. +1 Of course I am going to +1 this, but I really don't think that the change was needed. We had zero complaints, and are pretty balanced in events anyways, don't see why it was taken away. If anything, I personally would like the repeating blaster back at minimum, but reverting it to how it was seems fair, since I don't see why it was taken in the first place.
  13. +1 Personally, I don't feel like REX is one to break the rules, let alone try and get away with retarded shit. I'm sure that he understands the PME side, and I believe there should only be 1 warning for the PME. The job abuse when switching job can't be for certain, the FailRP can fall under the PME, and the LTARP is completely invalid. This too. If you crash on a GMOD server that you aren't having fun on since you might be in brig or it's 2AM in the morning, I'm not going to go out of my way to come back on and finish the sentence, i'm going to bed. Doesn't seem like any PMs were
  14. What your suggestion is: Give out medals from Battalion/Admiralty/RC to clones during public displays. Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A Any additional information: In lore, clones were able to achieve medals, obviously. Regiments have regimental medals which is cool and all, but for regiments that don't and just in general, handing out Medals during Debriefs or timed events would be cool. Obviously, you'd need to consider who can host these displays, who can give the medals, how to get it etc, but I think it would be cool for the whole server to be able to achieve medals han