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  1. Basic Information: Steam Name + Profile link: | splix ツ | Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan) | CG LCPL Splix | Jedi Sr Knight Splix | Teamspeak Name: | -Splix- | Playtime on the Server: | 9w 1d | SteamID (http://steamidfinder.com/): | STEAM_0:1:130048076 | Any experience in staffing: | Yes, quite a sufficient amount on a variety of unique servers and games | Current Age: 16 Warns/Bans: | 2 Warns from 2019 (Propsurf + ARDM - Old Scav Rules) | Do you have a working microphone and is it un
  2. +1 he has a unique way of expressing his love so that is a huge positive! he is very active! he was very good staff on DarkRP! he is a wonderful person in the community who has done nothing but good things for the server! no one has ever had a negative interaction with him! he is loved by everyone especially jedi! (owlbear to be specific)
  3. Name: Splix TS Unique ID [Tools -> Identities -> Go Advanced]: JFUwcT6bSEg4DjaoI0lf7hL2Nho= Requested Medal: 2 Year Service Evidence: Extra Information: Although this SS states 5/4/19 I joined ARC on 20/3/19 but due to the regiment not being a thing anymore, I can't get an SS of the logging
  4. Steam Name: splix Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:130048076 Current rank on the server: PRIVATE Age: 16 What is your playtime: (1 Week - Minimum) 8w Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: yes and yes Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: yes Do you meet the requirements: yes Quick summary about you: (70 Words - Minimum) A brief summary of me, I am 16 and have been a part of the WG community for almost 2 whole years, although taking very large breaks due to personal reasons. Peopl
  5. In-game name(s): ct 1063 retry Steam Name: retry Steam ID: (https://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:1:130048076 Age when applying: 16 What country do you currently reside in? What is your time-zone: england init Can you speak and type English fluently: yeah Current total game-time on the server (type utime_enable 1 in the console if you can't see your game time): like 8w IC Rank(s) and OOC Donation Rank(s) on SW-RP: ct plat vip Do you own a working microphone? When you communicate do you type or speak:
  6. Basic Information:Steam Name + Profile link: | splix | Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan) | 501st PVT Splix | Teamspeak Name: | -Splix- | Playtime on the Server: | 7w 6d | SteamID (http://steamidfinder.com/): | STEAM_0:1:130048076 | Any experience in staffing: | Yes, I have been staff on a small DarkRP server a while back and a higher rank on a Deathrun server. I was also Event Planner in the past | Current Age: | 16 | Warns/Bans: | 2 warns from June 2019 | Do you