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  1. Pretty much just playing as a CT.
  2. I think reg medics are better as they allow regiments to have dedicated members to help heal/stim when needed. It is far easier to coordinate with medics that are within your regiment than to just run around and hope you run into a 74th. It also benefits regiments such as the 21st and the 41st as it means people with medical equipment can keep up with us and heal troopers from areas usually unaccessable without the assistance of a grappling hook, jetpack or aircraft. Also, you can argue that progression can be found in RRD as it primarily serves as the medical regiment on the server whilst regimental medics just acts as a way to streamline healing in events and add another branching specialisation for members in regiments to persue. In my opinion, the decision to remove 74th and replace them with regimental medics and RRD was a tough one but one that was definitely worth it in the end and as someone who obviously wasn't 74th at the time of its removal, I'm glad that the change was made.
  3. +1 If it is genuinely accidental then him having a warn in the first place is just pointless. Also, other people have committed similar accidents which didn't result in warns so its only fair that Cody is let off.
  4. +1 If the prerequisite for having an extra piece of equipment of my choice was managing 30+ people then where do I sign up? Just unneeded for the people focused on research and healing to be able to pick any weapon they like. Just give them a singular permanent weapon or something, not taken from an existing regiment mind you. Also Talos was an NCO in the screenshot so he of course wouldn't be benefiting from the extra weapon.
  5. +1 If he even just puts in 10% of the effort from Battalion into EP, he'd be really good. Detailed event plan, clearly dedicated to the role.
  6. Neutral Great guy Has had loads of experience practically everywhere on the server, reaching numerous high ranks Detailed app Has been demoted several times from most high ranking positions, blacklisted from Jedi and lost staff and EP I haven't spoken to you since you were blacklisted in Jedi but you've always been a nice guy and if what Barry and Aleks say is true, hopefully you've changed. Whilst people do have a reason to not trust you with power due to your demotions, i do definitely think you deserve another chance at redeeming yourself and i feel like Batt would be a great place to do it. Either way, good luck.
  7. +1 this applicant is one of the best I have ever seen and I think he should get it instantaneously
  8. Bean


    lol Yeah but what Aleks said -1
  9. Neutral 1st map looks cool but would require a lot of textures as Shepherd has said. 2nd map would be good but the JT appears pitch black so it wouldn't make for a good base map. 3rd map looks really cool and would be nice for a base map. 4th map looks sick but not very RP friendly. 5th map looks pretty good. 6th map cold be cool but it doesn't really fit the Star Wars aesthetic. May be better as a base map.
  10. +1 I experienced what Evilgejf was like during his last months on the server as well as spoken to him after his ban outside of Gmod several times and i can safely say that the man deserves another chance. He didn't come onto the server to directly minge before he was banned and the 30 warns he accumulated were over the span of 3 years. I can 100% vouch for this to be honest as pretty much all of the times i've seen Evilgejf misbehave and end up getting warned was because of retarded, seemingly impulsive actions which occur as a result of him taking things too far in the moment which ends up with him getting into trouble and regretting it. His continued commitment to the server (up until his ban obviously) and the amount of time it took to eventually get himself permabanned shows, at least to me, that his statement is true. Plus several people have had their permabans removed under last chances and for the most part they have done fine so i definitely think that Evilgejf deserves to be among them.
  11. +1 Calling her overqualified would be the understatement of the century. But yeah what Bronze said; its an important and very sought after rank so you need to make sure you stick around and put effort in if you do end up achieving the role.
  12. -1 Sorry chief but even if you did tell the others to leave, you still did blow them up. That and you weren't supposed to execute the guy in the first place.
  13. +1 Makes sense as Jedi are very OP and wouldnt be concerned in petty matters unless it involved something directly related to them. Ruins the fun for criminal jobs when they are just being steamrolled.
  14. Neutral Both very cool looking. Can lead to some great events. They are both quite large; especially the Republic Commando one which is 249mb.
  15. Neutral It looks very cool and has an extremely small file size but idon't know how often it would be used.