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  1. [Overview] ______________________________ Kabushiki Kawaii is an underground, black market company which specializes in humanoid anomalies. The company's main focus is the creation, training, and sales of these anomalies, selling them as servants to wealthy customers or corporations. Kabushiki Kawaii is known for its ability to create anomalous humanoids, which are primarily sold into the sex trade. These anomalous humanoids (primarily females) are the company's biggest export, who through a combination of genetic manipulation, brainwashing, and intimidation are often gro
  2. This ARTICLE IS POSTED BY SHAMAN ___________________________________________________________ THE OVIS TIMES ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ TO OUR BELOVED CITY 1/16/2021 ___________________________________________________________ To our lovely citizens a new dog has been selected a mayor say hello to t
  3. Isn't that to an extent ???'s Objective To create 'RP' Or rather how'd ya like to put it as 'events' But suree ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Being In Job's that has access to commands there was really never any abuse soo yea although I can understand ya concerns. Sure Testing during low pop times but ay I won't judge "Fun" If you'd like to Consider me playing a Job A Little Bit 'Different' As a negative then there isn't much I can do regarding that as a player I wish to have ya know Fun on the server and roleplay and what not If there was evidence of 'Abuse' Then I would've been long
  4. In game Name: Houston Benton ____________________________________________ SteamID: STEAM_0:0:45939042 ____________________________________________ List of warns: None ( ery noic ____________________________________________ Any previous or current staff experience: All Were Previous on Varying Gamemode / Sandbox / starwars Servers. ____________________________________________ Why should we pick you?(200 Word Min): I would like Like to join the event team since I've got a creative mind and
  5. From: flak@command.goc.int To: transfer@headquarters.goc.int Subject: Welcome Onboard Date: 1/12/2021 Ay Welcome to the Goc It's been a whole decade since I've handled these heheh get it a decade? fucking Comedy right there. Down below are the accepted Transferal Requests. If
  6. From: flak@command.goc.int To: transfer@headquarters.goc.int Subject: Welcome Onboard Date: 12/25/2020 I've Forgotten to make a response to these HQ Transferals as an apology take this JPEG of a Gigner Cookie Made in our lovely logo, Happy a Christmas It's Crunchy
  7. hello yes u have boughat dado art of moanei quote baokk look 4 new cool way to make moneay no worry! dado got u cover in wide selecation of quote i assuare no customer refund of book either. verse 1 oh i sell company full boakk talk to me inaperson thank r u want to become good rich? well good u need fine stock. here what u do. u make page on internet wall street so then dado come and add good stoack to cat log. just if u want to write the dado remember impo
  8. What Is Fifthism? I Often get this question asked amongst our dreamers and dwellers, "What is Fifthism really about?" Fifthism is the result of the brain's natural reaction to the impossible no really let me divulge further. in certain realities the impossible is accepted as the norm lets say this on the Fifth of July the foundation got disbanded or On the Fifth of February dreams cease to exist the residents of that reality accept it as the norm and life goes on, still confused eh? to put it blunt Fifthism is the result of your thinking to cope with the impossible as to avoid t
  9. From: flak@command.goc.int To: transfer@headquarters.goc.int Subject: I'm stuck in a office doing paperwork this is painful. Date: 11/22/2020 I'd Like to lynch myself folks although ignoring that, welcome on board~! See you soon, Colonel Flak.
  10. Let's talk Four score and eleven years ago our fathers brought forth on this land, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. This portion of the battlefield is where a great man, only one year past, laid down his life for this nation. The normal course of our lives has become steeped in death. Engaged as we are in the great civil war, we lay down our lives in the defense of the propositions of our fathers. That equality and freedom has begat strife and discord is
  11. From: flak@command.goc.int To: transfer@headquarters.goc.int Subject: We still got transfer requests? Date: 10/24/2020 Welcome onboard folks. See you soon, Colo