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  1. -1 bad app They are a much larger group than just a club in london pretty surface level description You are unironically incapable of not hunting for combat rp constantly Rest of it is pretty bad too just nothing specific.
  2. Why did you spam props? Also thats not your steam id, your steam id should look something like STEAM_0:1:225759688.
  3. -1 Hasnt played bouncer/agent lately app is meh at best cant really tell if you know what MC&D actually is in lore
  4. fuck you, i hate you so much and everyone else does too you are too obsessed over chess and i hate you you are literally criminally insane

    1. Nell


      I believe you are suffering from criminal insanity which is why I am prescribing you with increased amounts of Copium

    2. James Whisper

      James Whisper

      i hate you

  5. -1 Nice guy RDM'd a d class twice today and when asked why said "When my character gets annoyed at someone they'll just murk you" which I'm pretty sure is RDM also please for the love of god dont respond to every comment
  6. why asking for likes wtf...

  7. Some MC&D Salesman like me refuse to sell to civs while they try to actually try to fucking RP not just sell guns and coke to everyone. So these guns would be as good/better than PD guns? So we would give an infinite slot job, that do uprisings against the government constantly as good/better guns as the PD gets?? Every job doesnt need fucking guns, try to do some actual RP and before you cry that you get shot at and need a gun. Look at people who do RP like Benjamin Stewart who doesnt even need a gun while still doing good RP as a civ.
  8. +1 Seen you be capable of RP The App in certain parts look ripped off, for example this is exactly what I said in my app with different words (Yes I know these are just the general rules of the group but still) This is basically what I said too but didint cover how I would kill them, (and yes again this is a very typical way to cover the question but it still looks the same as my answer) This is just normal way to answer the question. Some other parts of the app are a bit iffy too but they are just general MC&D shit so commenting on them wouldnt
  9. Common Roleplay Name: Ljobov Moroz (on MC&D) Steam Name: Fair SteamID: STEAM_0:1:225759688 Your Current Playtime(3 days minimum): Your Current Warns (10 warn limit, take a screenshot. Exceptions may be made.): Why do you want to join MC&D?: After seeing some Salesmen do actual RP on the job not just sitting in club advertising guns on surface comms, it showed me that MC&D has interesting RP if someone tries to RP as a Salesman. Like manipulating the governemnt to MC&D's liking which could result in them being exempt from certain laws or having the
  10. He is currently unbanned due to the glitch that happened unbanning everyone, his correct steam id is STEAM_0:1:551434101.
  11. Out-Of-Character Section In-Game Name(s): Jonathan Lee. Whisper on Nu-7 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:225759688 In-Game Level: 50 Playtime (Minimum 3 Days): 5w 1d Amount of Warns (Max 5, Exceptions Can be Made): 2 Have you ever been severely punished before? Why? (3 day+ Bans): No In-Character-Section What is the purpose of Alpha-1?: The purpose of Alpha-1 is to serve the O5 Council. Usually acting as bodyguards to them, but also comes in with them getting rid of people the council dis
  12. -1 crashing the server lol
  13. The terminals that it tech has and no one expect 1 person on the server knows how to use?