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  1. +1 Everything stated above only thing that i would -1 is his addiction to children its quite bad (Jk or not O.O )
  2. +1 Ravolta summedup most of it and has been playing on SWRP for forever
  3. +1 Well known on SWRP and been high ranks in the past and will probs be active boy
  4. +1 Overall everything has been said but he just an amazing lad to be around
  5. +1 Ravolta a lovely lad. Can be rough around the edges with his attitude but overall is a really good guy on SWRP Active Can be serious Could be really good staff
  6. -1 Don't have to explain since its obvious from other answer
  7. +1 Everything stated above and has become better after demotion from staff because i taught him right from wrong
  8. +1 I don't care about first event really since everyones event quality always goes back to the same thing which is ur application so i see nothing wrong with it Active Good Performance Could be really good EP if he does it right
  9. -1 Don't have to explain quite obvious by rest of the responses
  10. +1 Shepard said it all he is very good boy Also deserves a well enough chance as he is able to admit something i don't think many people would do his age as most people wouldnt be able to go up to someone and say he hacked. (I know he didnt do it immeadtly but over time he realised his mistakes and said sorry about it and realised how childish he was so i think a chance for him is imporant.) Even if it ruined some people chances at getting ARC at the time they would still get it in the future if they did deserve it so it doesent really matter if he did cheat in the ARC eval as
  11. +1 I do see where shadow comes from in the situation but after seeing that he really didnt mean it that badly i would just suggest to slap him with a warn and maybe give him a much shorter ban like 3 day at max since saying that in front of a youngling doesent sound right but in my own opinon i would just give him a warn and slap him across the face. Since at the time there was Grogu (Baby Yoda) running around the base killing some clones so no one was taking it so seriously
  12. Give this man staff +1 everythign stated above
  13. There is nothing wrong with adding poker as Harland said since there were no problems with being able to buy credits on the server
  14. I think everyone can agree that /roll and most poker games are not the same as its first more organised in who gets more money and with poker you require logical thinking in when u have to fold and when you should go higher with bets which leads it to be being more enjoying and with /roll it is 100% based on luck and there is no skills at all. This leads to most people not wanting to do /roll as it only depends on 100% luck
  15. Evilgejf

    Poker 2nd

    What your suggestion is :Add Poker tables any of these would work Like Texas Hold'em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, 5 card draw, High/low Chicago or Follow the queenScriptfodder/workshop link:https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5043 (Harland should already own this as its been a thing for GTA rpAny additional information:I made this suggestion in the past and it got denied because of problems with buying credits on the store but after talking with Harland he said himself that "Money packs don't impact if we can add poker" which i would myself assume means thats its okay but back to subject. I already