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  1. Document was updated - Layout was changed - Text font was changed - Added info and recontainment procedure for SCP-966 & SCP-913 Message me if anything else is needed to be said thank
  2. MTF E-11 apps are open! I'll be accepting only one person, the person with the best application gets in. I'll be looking at how correct your answer is and how you play the job in-game (other E-11 slots than commander).
  3. -1 I dont see this job providing any rp or benefits to the server
  4. Where did you get the screenshot from? The uniform looks cool
  5. Oil

    you have 710 posts on the forums. sad life.

    1. Bread


      I hate my life

  6. Blacklisted Walter Alvarez - You cannot attempt for an unblacklist
  7. Blacklisted Charlie Guiterraz - Learn to read