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  1. +1 Epic dude, didnt see anything bad coming from him
  2. -1 Clopter said it basicly. And i believe you resign from regiments with sahid alot so i would suggest staying in 1 regiment long term
  3. +1 High rank IC and was EP so knows what he is doing with ULX
  4. -1 Sahid you could be good staff, but you are leaving regiments very often, and this means you can resign from server again i would suggest staying in the regiment long term.
  5. +1 good guy, deserves staff
  6. Neutral this suggestion is cool but as Blaster said anyone can shoot droppods or Muni's and destroy them without 212th, RC or CE if they are tasked with taking down Muni or Providence. then 2nd thing Spades removed breaching charges so no one can blow up droppods anymore except by doing advert RP stuff which doesnt blow up anything. And wasting RPG ammo on a droppod is stupid.
  7. -1 maybe you did mature, maybe not, but what you did when you found out 212th ts password and joined our channel you were toxic af and the things you said to Hogus when he was having bad time at that day/month was disgusting so even tho this was sometime ago from me its a big no.
  8. +1 suggestion is good only needs to be worked on obviously but it would to cool to have a sub regiment having different roles in event instead of doing the same thing like every other frontline or defensive regiment
  9. +1 would be cool to have something like this even tho 212th would never get it but oh well still would be fun.
  10. Neutral your answer to some questions i would consider incorrect and others probably think the same and i dont see you that much on the server or at all tbh + low playtime.
  11. +1 212th CO's dont get phys/tool gun and idk why so this would be great if they would get them.
  12. +1 Just add this mans loading screens already they been accepted like 3 times
  13. +1 if harland unbanned him then he shouldnt have been banned again.
  14. -1 Advertising staff app in discord, and removing staff app like 3 times.