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  1. If it does get changed to the old minigun. I will be requesting 501st Shotgun the same change.
  2. A minigun is a heavy as fuck weapon. Being able to sprint with it makes no sense. As for damage sure
  3. -1 Ran serverside. All the hitmarkers being ran = Shit preformance
  4. -1 I have witnessed 212th, more specifically you so many times just intentionally just RPGing. Its about time something was done about it. The rest of 212th should use this as in incentive that they are being watched and shouldn't do this. There are even rules against how many ECs you can use RPGs against and you weren't following it.
  5. No effort put into this. Really don’t seem sorry -1
  6. Nathan

    DU NCO Changes

    +1 but fortification tool when
  7. This is the SWRP section you will need to repost this in the NRP section
  8. due to certain things on it -1 until it is fixed
  9. Big up Razor is a absolute lad reasons already above +1
  10. Neutral Good and mature lad however Corn as stated above you resigned from 501st to try and get ARC. And now you have gone and applied for Battalion. Seems to me like you are unsure of what you really want at the moment
  11. Honestly big +1 It would be sad to see Barry leave 501st but he is a absolute lad. He is extremely active and competent within the regiment and creates and great environment for all. I aint gay so I aint gonna write a whole lotta shit.
  12. thats even worse. One seater. Each ARC. Battalion, GC and GM using it would not be good for the server
  13. I loved this map in the past. From what I remember client crashes occurred but they may be fixed only one way to really found out tbh. As well as the skybox being really small i think. I really do like the idea of last stands and setting up FOBs could be really cool. I don’t see why it’s not worth a shot so +1