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  1. there are enough squeakers on the server adding this will make it 10x worse for those that still play
  2. Personally I would say Rez. He is a great PvPer and he also supports WG really well on Social media.
  3. +1 How was he not offered Manager?
  4. All this arguing. gmod rp is cringe. Easy way to end it
  5. Nathan

    Poker 2nd

    SWRP not DarkRP. However a easy solution to poker if you and others want to play it is to go onto Poker websites and setup a match with those people and you can then use credits to buy in.
  6. Its something which I would have loved to seen on the server however after numerous discussions with others on the topic it looks good on paper however in theory in a PvP base server where they will just be gloated few people in a regiment it wont work, it creates too much of a toxic environment, with some little immature 13 year olds wanting to be the "Squad Leader" of a "Elite" squad within a regiment. Wont work on this server and that's why I didn't give it a second attempt when I was still playing
  7. +1 Yes But there are enough people with ULX in 501st grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  8. As WG#1 Content Creator. This is too much of a burden for my work. Hence forth I am giving the responsibility to Omega Squad Commando Foxtrot-61 Lewis. As well as his fellow companion CE Sergeant Major Lewis.
  9. The whole situation is a bit scuffed imo the warns are valid however a droid being arrested due to malfunctioning is very stupid and if people were to think about the situation logically this would have been never happened. A droid will not simply be changed after a brig sentence and would require reprogramming or dismantling. +1 on the ban removal tbh.
  10. +1 looks nice and a file reduction is is always great. Another thing to add is that the workshop is a public place to upload addons and you cannot stop anyone from using addons on their server.
  11. just looked and I dont think this is possible. If it is +1
  12. im not too bothered about it rarely use it and can give it to myself. Understand the pain tho so +1