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  1. SWRP not DarkRP. However a easy solution to poker if you and others want to play it is to go onto Poker websites and setup a match with those people and you can then use credits to buy in.

  2. Its something which I would have loved to seen on the server however after numerous discussions with others on the topic it looks good on paper however in theory in a PvP base server where they will just be gloated few people in a regiment it wont work, it creates too much of a toxic environment, with some little immature 13 year olds wanting to be the "Squad Leader" of a "Elite" squad within a regiment.

    Wont work on this server and that's why I didn't give it a second attempt when I was still playing

  3. As WG#1 Content Creator. This is too much of a burden for my work. Hence forth I am giving the responsibility to Omega Squad Commando Foxtrot-61 Lewis. As well as his fellow companion CE Sergeant Major Lewis.

  4. The whole situation is a bit scuffed imo the warns are valid however a droid being arrested due to malfunctioning is very stupid and if people were to think about the situation logically this would have been never happened. 

    A droid will not simply be changed after a brig sentence and would require reprogramming or dismantling. +1 on the ban removal tbh.

  5. +1 looks nice and a file reduction is is always great. Another thing to add is that the workshop is a public place to upload addons and you cannot stop anyone from using addons on their server.

  6. +1/ neutral 

    Gallus is a competent member of 501st and has changed a lot learning from advice myself and others have given him in the past. 

    The only downside is the activity. In 501st it is a okay standard however if you were to get accepted into battalion it would have to be greatly improved. As the role of battalion is to not only lead events however to also maintain order during passive time. In order to improve in 501st and show that you can be active. I would recommend trying to come on a bit more host some trainings with 501st members or open trainings or sims if there are not enough 501st members as well as engaging in talking with other people around base or engaging in PassiveRP.


  7. I am not meant to really respond twice to a post however. No if anyone was to kill or shoot anyone without a valid RP reason. They would be warned. Staff are here for a reason. To help players and enforce rules. In which you broke.

    You were given your chance however messed it up. 

  8. -1 As someone who remembers you and warned you in the past. You were given multiple chances in the past, which lead to the perma ban. You then go and RDM. Something you know you should not be doing from your past, clearly has little knowledge of rules or just no intent to play seriously