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  1. Frisby has only just got server access a simple change like this isn't on the top of his list right now. More important things need doing
  2. +1 Dispute the incompetence and inactivity jokes Gallus has really shown dedication and competence with 501st and would be a fine batt member
  3. Already have a few CGI models on the server. As this isn’t a main model used I see no problems with it being CGI over BF2 since there is literally no prisoners to import over. and they look okay. +1
  4. +1 Apart from it being 4 and a half months not 6. Corn has shown dedication through his application proving to be a lot better than past apps as well as his in game dedication of reaching Colonel and LT COL in two regiments in 4 and a half months. He has also matured massively in his time on the server
  5. +1/Neutral From what I have seen in game you are definitely competent and a nice guy and would make a good batt member. However.... DUs state is shambles Hierarchy after Hierarchy are leaving at the moment. Considering you only have a Temp VC at the moment with T EXOs do you really think applying right now when DU is in the state was a great idea. Right now was a really bad time to apply and you should focus on your regiment for now getting them in a stable place to have a stable and ready hierarchy.
  6. What your suggestion is: Giving 501st ARC access to the dropship entity. Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A Any additional information: Currently as 501st ARC you are required to call staff to spawn you in a dropship. This is very ineffective and causes a lot of deaths especially in last stands when required to retreat. Hence forth this suggestion. I understand that in order to use the dropship you need to be a SO however 212th get both Repeating Blaster and RPG, so I ask that we get access to it and have the same restriction meaning if you use it when you don’t have access punishment would
  7. 1. Its an area destruction. Not happening. 2. Its a weight based system, in order to fix that the weight of dets need to be lowered really low same with all other weapons and keys needs to be made the highest, wont happen
  8. -1 What Pie said. Also 327th will not get an AT-TE at all no matter what
  9. Basic Information: Steam Name + Profile link: Ian The Indonesian Monkey ( Roleplay Name: 501st ARC Colonel Nathan Teamspeak Name: Nathan Playtime on the Server: 18w SteamID: STEAM_0:0:442289749 Any experience in staffing: Ex Event Planner, Ex Senior-Admin, and staffing experience on other SWRP servers Current Age: 18 Warns/Bans: 0 Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes Event Plan: Map: Mustafar Enemies, HP, Amount: 4x Commando Droids, 5/6 B1
  10. You say you were here to RP yet on your first day back you received warnings and also multiple arrests for things which just proves no intent to RP. -1
  11. What your suggestion is: New drop-pod entity for EPsScriptfodder/workshop link: additional information: This is mainly a quality of life addon. Which can be used by EPs to actually realistically drop drop pods. Instead of them just appearing out of no where and also spawning inside of hangar bays where there is no possible way for any drop pod to even get inside, you can now aim at the floor spawn the entity in and it will come crashing in from the sky. The pack is very small in size, only 2MB and comes with a B1
  12. Cool however I would wait until LFS to add this. LFS one is 10x better and can be picked up by an LAAT.
  13. +1 to the RTC and and Fire Extinguisher would be good for someone to be able to put out some fires. As for the incendiary grenades I find that they would be pretty useless. They will be used to either stop hostiles like on CSGO from pushing an area however I still feel like that wont be successful and ECs wont really care and it will just hinder frontlines stopping them from pushing.
  14. Do people really get that upset when you say "spawn" Would expect people to be lenient with that.... +1
  15. -1 dont look like janitors what so ever and also CGI. CGI models are kept to a minimum and i don’t think CGI Janitors would be good
  16. +1 Bobb was a good guy I really cant lie. He did fuck up with the player pulling however I did speak with him not long after and he does regret it. Its been a long time and he should be given a chance.
  17. There is literally a hangar for spawning speeders to the left.... CG should not be using the VDC and should be using the hangar to the left to spawn their speeders. Same with you. If you are bothered about CTs stealing speeders just get them removed. A clearance level won’t stop them.
  18. -1 Its a Vehicle Development Centre. 212th use it for explosives which shouldn’t be in a training room. Its a hangar to develop Vehicles and passiveRP for CE. Not for a shit tonne of vehicles to be stored there.
  19. Nevermind scratch my last shit. why make a suggestion to add something already on the server? Bit retarded. Ask for it to be added to loadouts instead. Normal LAAT is fine anyway. Don’t need lights to search on maps anyway they are not dark. -1
  20. We have our own Weapon base. If this was to get added then it would be customly coded. Either way yeah a Bowcaster would ofc be cool for Wookie. Just in the past it has been an aids weapon. +1
  21. -1 If someone is being a retard and needs to be constantly cadet trained they can just receive a ban. No point in giving out a cadet training ban. Jedi is different as its VIP. You cant just go and say to someone "Yeah we aren't gonna ban you from the server, your just getting a 2 day Cadet Training Ban so you cant become a CT."
  22. +1 Geo is a great guy. Very competent in CT and was in 501st Commander. Would be a great loss to CT however. Fix app with requirements tho (Quick Summary)
  23. Russ is a very competent guy. Friendly, is DS. DS > OS. Fuck snipers in Worms Weapons. RC or not he 100% Deserves and should get staff. Huge +1