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  1. What your suggestion is: The addition of the Republic Shotgun to the 501st ARC loadout Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A Any additional information: The reason behind this is due to it being the only equipment in which 501st ARC use. We have other equipment (Thermal Detonators and Repeating Blaster) As an ARC the use of the Repeating Blaster is not needed at all, already having the DC-17m already this gun is useless. This is the same as with the Thermal Dets, these are not necessarily useless however not needed. All in all the Republic Shotgun outweighs all other 501st equipment by a
  2. In Game Name: 501st ARC Colonel Nathan Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:442289749 Are you currently staff on any other server or WG server: No In-game rank: Plat VIP & 501st ARC Colonel Have you got experience in staffing RP servers: I have been staff on SWRP before reaching the rank of Senior-Admin. And have been staff on other servers too Age: 18 Playtime: 17w 0d Predicted time on server per week: 60+ hours Warns/bans: 0 Do you use a microphone: Yes, sometimes it can be quiet so I do t
  3. Barry basically summed most of it. -1 also been killed by you by an RPG more times than ECs have killed me with one.
  4. -1 Blacklist from ARC/RC due to stupid actions. And uhhh the activity....
  5. +1 Reasons already stated and I am too tired to type
  6. +1 Good app. Competent. Actually has a good mic now!!!
  7. Neutral/-1 Ok so lets analyse your application properly. Quick summary about you: (70 Words - Minimum) You have not completed this at all. That is a requirement of the application. What should we pick you for Battalion: during my time on the server i believe i have got to know alot of people on the server and i belive thaey have got to know me. in real life most of the time i am considered a friendly person but i am also shy when it come to new people, this has caused some problems when it comes to making friends. this is mostly why i enjoy playing server such as werewolf gami
  8. This is something I will +1 but cant see it happening for a while. It is a great idea to have a separate event server for small missions and will give EPs a lot of freedom to do stuff, the cost should not be an issue and wont be much of a difference. NPCs that could be used are once such as Normal B1s and VJBase which is a great base. Development wise, code from the main server could be copied over with a few extra addons to enhance the experience
  9. +1 Jedi or not does not matter. If anything this has helped his case, he has shown himself to be competent as both Clone and Jedi.
  10. +1 Great punctuality as proven in his about me. He will always be ready 30 minutes before a Battalion Training!
  11. 780 MB big no no to me. Although it does look cool -1
  12. Got warns from me fucking hell. Either way Kids summed it -1
  13. -1 Recently resigned from HL. Attempted a rank transfer to SWRP. Now applying for Deathrun. Seems like a very clear move to power for me
  14. -1 Staff can easily do these. One thing I can say is perhaps just need new models to save constant modelling.
  15. Not really seen much of you however others are saying great things about you. +1
  16. Neutral Competent However would like to see you hit Major first as you have not been above the rank for a long time. A few things said were also cringe.
  17. Generally speaking this is a common problem on gmod. To be honest I found no fix apart from just investing into an SSD.
  18. It is a cool idea and could easily be introduced with passiveRP for all. Wouldn't be too hard to develop too, you can use an already made addon just changing names and models of ingredients. However this would be something low on the list for the busy development team with bigger projects to work on
  19. It would preform 100x better than SWV. I can tell you that as a fact.
  20. -1 It has been a long time since you have achieved a high rank. Resigned from Jedi for HL HL Mod and also Discord Staff Manager giving you a lot of responsibilities
  21. They are broke. Have been breaking for a LONG time now. Every gmod update they get worse and worse.
  22. Nathan

    Grapple hook

    I imagine this was an accidental fault done when re working the GH. Easy fix to implement back. Will save so many lives.