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  1. Nathan

    New Event map

    -1 It literally has USA and Vietnamese in it. Looks nothing star wars like
  2. Nathan

    Ban Appeal

    I agree with this statement. Extend the ban, for a LCOL to AMRDM is shocking.
  3. It was suggested before. Was already denied so yeah -1
  4. +1 I dont think I have ever seen an event where ECs dont shoot each other in the EC Room Kinda stupid
  5. +1 This map is better in every single way than the ones that Space suggested. A lot easier to navigate without the rainforest surrounding you, as well as a lot of new features which are really beneficial to all. Would love this to be a added to the map rota.
  6. Neutral Not too sure what he did in the first place (Obviously minge) however he feels sorry and should be given a one warn chance to prove that he is changed. If he fails then reinstate the ban.
  7. One thing I think you have failed to realise is this server gives 0 fucks about lore. In the documents I initially did make the Ghost Company however struggled to find any models to base them off therefore changed it to 2nd Airborne division which is another lore squad within 212th, due to CE already being the pilots I kept Ghost Company’s equipment and primary focus of land vehicles. As for riot control it was the only name i could think of for it. However any ideas for it are appreciated as that and DU is what I struggled to think about
  8. Of course, as I stated these were just rough ideas of what could happen. I imagine if this was accepted a Hierarchy meeting would occur and people will discuss equipment. With some great reccomendations too. So thank you!
  9. Nathan


    +1 They are literally the same gun for them to have different fire rates is kinda weird
  10. Most of these changes are rough changes. Of course regimental Hierarchy should have a say in what they would like to see for their regiment. Read that it clears up 1st and 3rd point, weapon stats would be decided by SMT. The SL having the power to do the tryouts shouldn't be too bad of a problem, if hierarchy or HC see this they can easily take action against it, it isn't too hard.
  11. What your suggestion is: A much needed Regimental overhaul to regiments.Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/AAny additional information: All information is found on this document here It is a lot of work but currently however the server is very stale with not much to work for. Adding this would make it more enjoyable for all, this is one of the downsides and makes other servers better to put it nicely. Most of these changes are rough changes. Of course regimental Hierarchy should have a say in what they would like to see for their regiment.
  12. SCP here like their server is good. You sit in a facility and watch some gay ass monsters all day
  13. Considering this is their only pieces of equipment they should get both added to the job. I would also recommend adding the shotgun to 501st ARC (Spoke with Seoul and Ace and they agreed) However not Dropship ofc due to it being SO+ only.
  14. You can make do with the already made map ones, Adding these extra props are not really needed and adds more props. More props = more lag
  15. +1 He simply locked his Y-Axis no problem with that lmaooooooooooo no thanks -1
  16. Neutral As others have stated as CG VC you did a great job. (Kinda hypocritical from my past but it is what it is) However since leaving CG VC you have been GC, CE and back to CG within very little timing. What is to say that you don't as evil said leave once HL is released. Personally I believe that you are completely competent for the role however the role would be best used by someone else.
  17. Neutral. people can literally see in chat that they are AOS and unless they are a full retard would know if they break a rule
  18. Nathan


    -1 Janitor is a great job, one of my favourite jobs for passive RP you just need to know how to use it. Most people use a PAC to enhance this RP which is in PAC releases.
  19. +1 Screenshots literally show its German.
  20. +1 He is a great kid. He definitely has the potential to become a good battalion. Leads well in 501st. Active
  21. -1 ABS is stupid Battalion are clones. No one actually cares about them at all. Medics are even less important and I see no reason as to why a VIP job protecting either is needed what so ever
  22. Hubba Hubba +1 More sexy than me
  23. Server performance has been dogshit the last few days, give it a few days. I'm sure SMT and Harland are looking into the reason(s) behind this.
  24. What your suggestion is: Add rules restricting DU and CG being able to pull out shields when being shot. The reason for this is that plenty of times I and others have been shooting at CG or DU and they have just pulled out a shield to save them from dying, this is unrealistic and just unfair for ECs. Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A Any additional information: Not needed
  25. Neutral/-1 CE Currently has a lack of members, could really use members and you as a SO to be preforming tryouts to get numbers up. Regimental Strike which is also permanent is a really bad look on you. When I was in CE I cant lie you were kinda incompetent not sure if you have changed at all as I hardly see you stand out at all.