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  1. What your suggestion is: New Anaxes replacement Scriptfodder/workshop link: HereAny additional information: Due to the massive size of the maps features I will list and show them on a google doc Here However before this I Would like to state a few things about the map and the workshop with a Neutral and Negative point however not too big at all. Firstly the map includes Defcon Gaming watermarks over the map however these are minimal, the workshop uploader has said that you cannot remove or cover these however due to GMOD and steam workshop guidelines this is not the case. You can read thi
  2. +1 I dont get why people really dont like him he is a great lad. Great pacs SShows great leadership not only in 501st but also in today's event Activty is top notch
  3. They are Russian flags. Don’t think Russia was in Star Wars
  4. No he locked his Y Axis!!!!!!
  5. Nathan

    Two new maps

    +1 to both however instead of the imperial base map use this (republic version) nvm too big use the imperial one still
  6. So, SWEPS are not possible to be made like this. When making a swep you need to add the following lines of code SWEP.Slot = 0-5 this will make decide want slot the weapon will go to, 0 being 1 and 5 being 6. SWEP.SlotPos - sets how high or low the weapon is in these slots. SWEP.weight - this sets the priority of if you automatically swap to the weapon or not. Higher numbers taking priority. Enjoy the nice little LUA lesson. either way to the important shit, these are all set values which are set server side so sadly you can not change them just fo
  7. Name: NathanTS Unique ID [Tools -> Identities -> Go Advanced]: tZqiEWrdJapR0eN/MD62Yh/v+nw=Requested Medal: Distinguished Service Medal Extra Information: Not the best but I lost all other old screenshots that show me being on the server for around this time. Only an old phone pic Evidence:
  8. -1 Does not meet age requirements Low playtime Recently after resigning from 501st done a bit of reg hopping
  9. Never seen you lead an event. How would you make one? Inactive -1
  10. +1 Changed a lot Absolute lad Reasons above
  11. Validate files. Its not the server as no one else gets the problem
  12. There is only one man capable of creating the Janitor Commandos that is @Sniffles
  13. In Game Name: 501st Major Nathan Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:442289749 Are you currently staff on any other server or WG server: No In-game rank (VIP and 501st SGT): Plat VIP & 501st Major Have you got experience in staffing RP servers: I have been staff on SWRP before reaching the rank of Senior-Admin. And have been staff on other servers too Age: 18 Playtime: 14w 5d as of writing this app Predicted time on server per week: 60+ hours Warns/bans: 0 Do you use a microphone: Yes, some
  14. +1 Ace is a very active and mature player of the server and will make a good staff member
  15. +1 Portal is an absolute gamer. He has changed insanely from his past and proven himself to be very mature and worthy of a staff spot
  16. As stated above by Navas is a good idea. And is a good idea. Therefore -1 changed to a +1
  17. -1 For the simple fact. Rishi moon is a barren moon. This means that it is lifeless as is too poor to produce life. Such as trees and all that shit. As an EP I kinda expected you to know that.
  18. Neutral If a verbal warning was given before the warn then I would obviously say keep the warn due to it being completely valid however if a straight up warn was given out the warning should be removed.
  19. -1 This unban appeal is literally 1 one and a half lines on why you should be unbanned. Maybe put a bit more effort next time.
  20. -1 wee woo wee woo very annoying dont even want it on defcon 1 only for fun PMEs