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  1. Nice fake vote -12 You will be exectuted for treason and Gromit Mug will fall under -2's authority
  2. O5-2 will aquire this Gromit Mug. There will be no further communication
  3. what was the last like scout MTF? The one led by Gordon, like super secretive. Yea it was shit, I don't know this just seems like a repeat
  4. Suggested before still meh I don't see this needed, we already have 4 MTFs and 3 of them are internal (B-7/E-11/A-1) + ISD make something happen on the surface ppl!
  5. UPDATE - Law §1.9 updated, now racism, homophobia and other similar types of discrimination are counted towards the law break (Insulting an Employee)
  6. +1 You are acting good on SA, I don't see why you should not be given a chance
  7. Trials are a reqest, if you don't want a trial you don't have to have one. Also we are still working and discussing requirements and restrictions on those trials to not waste time. (If this gets though I am sure SMT will place some and we are prepared for them)
  8. UPDATE - Law §1.19 added Obstruction of Justice or Tribunal Protocols - 3-10 minutes / Demotion in Disciplinary Violations
  9. As far as I know the vote was reposted so we just need to wait a bit
  10. Howling Sex is the Administrator The Administrator on our server is the O5 Manager