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  1. Let us be honest if this was the entire thing I believe that there would be a bigger outcry. The evidence doesnt show anything so it will be words against words unless xunt comes out with it or confirms the story himself, until that happens I will be leaving it as a - 1 and a reminder that the all powerful being known as SMT is hard to bring down, some say impossible.
  2. I bring forward another point. I know my - 1 reason might be foolish to some and even a shitpost to others I would like to point out that there would be a HIGH chanse of Lorex still being blacklisted from staff to this day if the owner at the time of him asking for a removal of the blacklist was not Howling Rex. Because at the time I can bet that the owner didnt care and was too busy to care about such little things, hell I bet Patrick Austin could get his BL removed at that time. Further evidence is the picture.
  3. Going off of the logical argument of the respected member of the Werwolfgaming SCP-RP community Houston Benton I am forced to give the same rating. - 1 thank you for hearing me out gentlemen.
  4. Watching E14 make kids cry and then trying to do the same in B1. Also one time I remember making hell in MT with Slice for some reason.
  5. In Game Name:Walter Webb SteamID:STEAM_0:1 :450116981 Age:14 Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions:I was an ECM Vice-Chairman 2 times,B-1 1st LT,Nu-7 Captain,O5 2 times,HoEA 3 times,HR and for GOI I was an MC&D salesman 2 times Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?:I have a lot of previous leadership experience and I know I will do well enough while running the site.I can follow and execute given orders.I won't cause problems in the chain of command or go AWOL.I believe that strong proof to show that I will do good is because of the many site a
  6. *clicks on quit* It all stopped? But how? To be real with you this is the internet so cool opinion but a rare few will care or even make remark of it. A good try, but at what cost?
  7. I was part of the system once and I know that the community opinion is only a small fraction of what matters, usually what matters are the council votes but they too sometimes get overlooked.
  8. +1 Good app Already has access to O5 channels so knows what is up A bit inactive as of lately but I think that can change
  9. Hello xunt,I know you don't like me and I know we might have started on the wrong foot a long time ago.I know I have somewhat spammed you with the ITD stuff and that you were annoyed to the point of hating me.I am willing to make up for the things I have done and tell you sorry.I understand that you see my usage of the voting in O5 about the ITD situation as abuse and as something that must not happen and I get your point,but when someone puts effort into something just for it to be thrown in to the garbage can it hurts.Thus I am sorry for my actions and I hope you accept this apology and see
  10. +1 Good app, I know he put a lot of effort into it Good at rp and is competent Remove his job manager tag

  12. Please ECM wl dad pls thanks

  13. [BASIC INFORMATION] Your In-Game Name:Walter Webb,Hammerhead,Lucas Monaco Your Steam-ID:STEAM_0:1 :450116981 Your Age:14 Your In-Game Playtime:8w1d10h Your amount of warnings (15 Warnings max):9 Rate your roleplaying skills:8.6/10 [BASIC QUESTIONS/IMPORTANT Questions] What would you like your O5 Designation to be?:O5-3"The Philosopher Scientist" Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions): I believe I sho