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  1. CV Results @Richard Kruspe Fine application-Accepted @Peter file Redacted-Denied @Brandon Viper Short application, extended trial-Accepted
  2. CV Results @Richard Kruspe Still need time to decide-Pending
  3. CV Results @kenopsiaLook up at other denied reasons and you should understand.DENIED @JohannVonWolfsburg9The application is ok but we still need you to prove yourself .DENIED You may re-apply in 2 weeks.
  4. CV Results @[AS] EagleOk so let's get down to some writing,woo. So first off a big issue for anyone with even a lick of general knowledge of the SCP foundation structure and lore. Jr. Researcher>Sr. Researcher>SG>1st SGT in Nu-7>ISD??? Now I am an open minded person myself but from even my standpoint it doesn't make sense, like at all. Next up is the lack of needed skills in the app, cool chemistry, coordination, teamwork and so on, but the real things we look for is people who are not standing out. Now onto your in-game reputation over time. So starting off with your recent N
  5. CV Results @Matthew WickersWe meet again, going over your app as I and others noticed you like to redact which is not a big issue but when you do it for everything then it is. Also your recent activities in another group you lost your position in towards ISD was horrible.Denied You may re-apply in 2 weeks when you fix your app fully and your attitude
  6. CV Results @PecivoYour application although better than the recent does not help the lack of your community activity since recently and the warnings are also quite harsh(I know they are old).Denied You may re-apply in 2 weeks
  7. CV Results @WickerS_ProLook at recent denied reasons and you will learn, hell you even made is make less sense somehow Denied
  8. CV Results @Notty Look up at the recent denied reasons and you will learn. Denied You may re-apply in 2 weeks
  9. CV Results @Tiny BarryOnce again same problem as the above person except you weren't a CO. If your character was in external affairs for so long why would he all of a sudden want to be in ISD-Denied You may also re-apply in 2 weeks
  10. CV Results @WolfyGT You did not listen to what Edward told you,how does it make sense for a MTF CO to try to get into ISD especially a MTF like Lotta-10. Denied You may re-apply in 2 weeks (When you have better understanding of what INTERNAL Security Department is).
  11. CV Results @ZedboxYour application is decent,but you have only recently came back and management feels you need to get more used and known to the server- Denied You may re-apply in 2 weeks. @the one Management have reviewed your application and noticed you copied some part from a previous applicant so you are being Denied and Blacklisted
  12. +1/neutral although this is a solid suggestion I do believe there are some flaws in it. Such as where would the vertibird fit, which faction would it go to, how will it be used? The conceptual art is really well made and deserves praise but the meaning is not explained in full detail.
  13. +1 I trust you would be active and use your head as you did in v5 when you were O5.
  14. Interesting explanation of the 1st and 3rd point. You knock the 3rd point out of the play really because it was weak. The 1st point you do admit your wrong doings but you also try to pin some on Hanz which is understandable since he did kill most of the party that did the failrp. I would still like to hear about the 2nd point. Last thing is that you might think this is not admin abuse but I beg to differ, as a staff member the community expects you to be trustworthy and someone who wouldnt use their position for self gain or pleasure but rather for the communities gain and pleasure.
  15. Well I am for once surprised by the amount of effort that went into this post, the 1st and 2nd video were really explained but the 3rd doe slack solid evidence really other than DMs. For a staff member to be acting this way is really not acceptable. Now some might beg to differ for the first video since it wasnt in a populated area such as the crossroads or ez big room but with the amount of people there and the flashing lights it would be very easy for people to go and join in and after 096 breaches and goes there E11 and other containment units that want to RP have to go get 096 which doesnt