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  1. -1 My experience talking to you is just you being a cunt to 212th and generally seem really toxic.
  2. Why do you need the fists, you have the sword which is much better damage wise as far as I know
  3. Nah, Anaxes MHB is the best. Its large and is a great chokepoint to hold during events.
  4. What your suggestion is: A new sound swep for mechanical droid, particularly the mouse droid. Scriptfodder/workshop link:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=735691072 Any additional information: I think this would improve RP on the server for the mouse droid enthusiasts and would be a fun swep to have.
  5. +1 / neutral shit dad jokes can do a good job at leading and does good trainings too Has resigned from 212th 2-3 times before but has done that at high ranks. He has been very loyal to 212th, stayed and helped massively during tough times when we had around 2-3 SO's. Unfortunately can get hot headed at times when someone does something stupid - but to some extent shows he isnt afraid to say what he has in mind.
  6. +1 fuck dyslexia all my homies hate him Honestly a great guy with a great spirit who can joke around but be very serious when its expected. I dont know how he was back in the past, but what I've seen is nothing but an awesome guy. Most definitely has the skills needed to be a good battalion member.
  7. +1 / neutral You are a very honest and nice guy and in my eyes could be a excellent battalion, but you have an image of yourself as a reckless grenade user during events, additionally I'm unsure how known you are in the community - all Im saying is that you might have a negative image of yourself in the community which I believe is not deserved at all. So just because you are not known that well in the community (as far as I know) I decided to add the neutral.
  8. -1 randomly tagged people to tell them the most random shit in discord also pepega
  9. Hm, the triple only really needs a damage buff on vehicles and a inbuilt cooldown when shooting those cannons is a great idea, I dont know why it hasnt been implemented yet.
  10. +1 Nicest dude on the server Very chill and reasonable - good and detailed app. Good luck