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  1. My In-Game name: my name before i got banned was "CG LT KARGEN" once im back it will be "CT 3437 Kargen" STEAMID: (STEAM_0:1:527717217) Steam Name:austringerZ What is the reason for your ban:didnt say but i believe it was fail rp and rdm How long were you banned for:2 weeks Name of the staff member who banned you: Didnt say i think it was razor could of been solaire as he joined just before i got banned Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: Ok so the story is that me and my friend where playing at 3-4 am and there was nobody on. we were bored so we decided to do a PME(P
  2. What your suggestion is: Adding a new Base mapScriptfodder/workshop link: Summer Version: Winter Version: Any additional information: I took some screenshots: Basically this map is an updated version of storm outpost. From my memory this map includes: RC-outpost (from anaxes) Republic-outpost (from anaxes) An added Jedi temple (old area just has the regular outpost) Jedi Caves Up
  3. What your suggestion is: To add this additional Deathwatch model pack. A lot of the models in the pack are models with variants of the face but there's also quite a few completely new helmets and armours in the pack too. The new armours, like the mandalorian super commandos and various others, just opens up a lot more potential RP opportunities and I'm sure people would appreciate the different armours rather than the same blue and red ones we have currently on the server. It might be considered unnecessary since we already have a few Deathwatch models already however those current m
  4. Your In-game name: Robert von Kaschau / Wilhelm Zdrojewski Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:91539081 Reason of the warning: VDM Date you were warned on: 23/1/2021 Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Hermann Hendrix / tim260 / STEAM_0:1:54981162 Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail: As I was cruising through Berlin, I spotted two people blocking the road ahead of me. I continued approaching them at a tame 30-35 kph and honked once I got close- In expectation for them to move away so I can pass freely.
  5. Recently, it came to my attention that somebody whom I will not name was having a lot of trouble with the current spawnkill rules on surface, and that the current rules are a major loophole which it is pretty much impossible to warn people for. You are able to spawn and within 1 minute be cuffed and dragged into a GOC or Foundation base on surface if you aren't careful and the people you are hostile with are very aware of the rules. Introduction aside, let me get straight to the point. There should a grace period from when somebody spawns on surface to when they are back 'in RP' and
  6. First of all I know theres two sides of the community who will agree and disagree with this suggestion, but please take the effort to read the suggestion before you say "-1 haha shit suggestion". What will change? Roughly put together: +Security Captain =HoS turns into Whitelist Explained: 1. Security Captain The Security Captain will hold the same authority as the Head of Security until the Head of Security is on site (goes on the job) which will then transfer the Captains authority to the equal level of a lieutenant. He will be the unwhitelisted version of the HoS and wi


    Follow template:My In-Game name:Rogger STEAMID: ( _0:1:576808573 Steam Name:DrPenile What is the reason for your ban:Minging How long were you banned for: 3 days Name of the staff member who banned you: Zab Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: i have decided to play the server properly again and wish to buy vip when i join back and i am very sorry for my actions and too lazy to wait another day Evidence: i dont know
  8. Template My In-Game name: Tay Firnin STEAMID: ( STEAM_0:0:59585799 Steam Name: Dave9067 What is the reason for your ban: It doesnt say one but i was told ltap How long were you banned for: i was told 2 days Name of the staff member who banned you: It doesnt say Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: Well i called an EP space and i said im coming on and he said i was banned for ltap because i was avoiding rp and i asked when and he said whilst i was in jail which was last night and i did leave but i had to because it was late and i needed to go to bed. I
  9. i was perma banned without warning on my first day of the server i was put in cuffs the option to struggle was there so i did and i got banned for it can i please be allowed back on
  10. Your In-game name:Jackz Your Steam ID:76561198880078445 Reason of the ban: Doesn't say Date you were banned on: Doesn't say Duration of ban: Permanent Admin who banned you: Doesn't say Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: Doesn't say Do you think your ban was justified: Yes I think my ban was justified Why should you be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned because I have learnt not to troll people or break the rules anymore Any kind of evidence: Additional information:
  11. Your In-game name:Last time i can remember Fritz Leiden Your Steam ID:76561199059710711 Reason of the ban: Breaking rp in the chat Date you were banned on: I cannot remember Duration of ban: Forever Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): I do not know the full name but his in-game first name was Josef Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: So I said something inappropriate ( "shlong") in the chat while i was in a jail cell which i take full responsibility for, however i believe i should not have
  12. What your suggestion is: More event models for new possible event ideasScriptfodder/workshop link: additional information: these are a few good looking convict models with various head types. could be used for e.g. escaped convict events, or whatever else people might come up with. Simply to add more possibility to event ideas/types
  13. What your suggestion is: A new better forested rishi moonScriptfodder/workshop link: additional information: This map is more optimized then the previous one we used. It dosnt have useless room like the last ( E.g. Secret doors, Batt bunks being massive, big building behind bunks). It has better textures, more things to do (New sim areas), Better scouting, better base attacks(More areas to come from/ sneak into), no vents to get slaughted in, More training rooms, Improved jedi caves, Unwanted props can be removed ( e.g. Unwan
  14. What your suggestion is: I found some nice new models/maps/props which are really a good addition to the server. Scriptfodder/workshop link: CGI mandalorians: Mandalore the ultimate (cape removable): Refugee/non-clone models: I just saw these already has been suggested and accepted. Props:
  15. What your suggestion is: Different Ahsoka ModelScriptfodder/workshop link: additional information: I think this model looks way better than the original and should definitely be added.
  16. What your suggestion is: A new power system among regiments for recruitment or anything elseScriptfodder/workshop link: ----Any additional information: I've recently seen the regimental power system a bit faulty. I suggest that the higher ups of the regiments have just a bit more power to help put the Hierarchy. Some things like Recruitment, a CO+ should have the power to recruit people to the regiment. A SO+ Should have the power to do special training like Flying training for CE. The system that we have right now is a bit too harsh on the COs they have the power to conduct trainings but
  17. What your suggestion is: Adding some form of vehicle to GM, allowing flanking to be a little faster than just using a standard Grappling Hook. Script fodder/workshop link: A suggestion by the Pie himself: Another suggestion could be the AT-RT or Speeders. Any additional information: With the recent addition of LFS to the server, it is needless to say that, we were all excited to try new things out, including myself. As Frisby said himself, he realistically brought a whole bag of toys upon the server a
  18. What your suggestion is: Give GM drop shipScriptfodder/workshop link: In LFSAny additional information: GM are a flanking regiment, whilst we have a grapplehook, its not that fast for getting around in battles, meaning when we are flanking by the time we are in position, 501st and 212th have already dealt with them. GM genuinely needs a dropship for us to serve our intended purpose as a flanking regiment
  19. What your suggestion is: TFA Addons (Updated Models, Sounds etc.) Workshop link: Any additional information: I understand that the testing is not finished yet, and it has only just begun on the main server. But I highly suggest using these much more recent addons. I'm sure SMT is already aware that the ones that were used before hand were a bit shit in both
  20. What your suggestion is: to add the shadow remover toolScriptfodder/workshop link: Any additional information: I feel like the shadow remover tool would be quite useful for ep, refguees, scavs as makes the builds they make a lot cleaner as otherwise it looks like this even tho their all the same colour and material they look completely different
  21. What your suggestion is:Scriptfodder/workshop link: additional information: Its really nice looking map( Explore its yourself as the screenshots have got environmental mods ) the only downside with this map is their no really dedicated jedi spot, but their can be places were it can be and it will work. The Map is extremely spread out from each main place meaning its highly optimised. The download is small with 200 MB. Its recently updated and the whole base flows extremely good. Their is 2 medbay and 2 cells one underground
  22. What your suggestion is: 1-Add a new sim job which will be a medic 2-increasing Heavy sim job's HP to 1500Scriptfodder/workshop link: already in gameAny additional information: 1-The job will be just like the sim trooper, only thing is that he will be givin a medkit as it kinda make sense to add these type of jobs, also maybe a stim shot with it if needed? loadout: DC15A/S DC-17 Medkit keys 1250 HP 2-It will make sense to buff the base HP to 1500 as the job is a heavy trooper afterall.
  23. The Bad Batch Model Suggestions Who are The Bad Batch: Clone Force 99, informally known as "The Bad Batch" was a Clone commando squad during the Clone wars. The squad consisted of four clone troopers designed with genetic mutations. "Crosshair," a clone with eyesight and marksmanship that allowed him to excel in long distance firefights, "Wrecker," a reckless clone with enhanced muscular form, and "Teck," a clone with enhanced mental capacity and intelligence. They were led by Clone sergant "Hunter," a clone with enhanced sensory abilities. Following the Battle of Anaxes Clone corporal "
  24. What your suggestion is: Let clones take their helmets off when on Defcon 5Scriptfodder/workshop link: naddaAny additional information: There's no negatives too it, i feel like it would make sense and a lot of members agree. It makes sense since lore wise it was a thing and also a lot of people will/have made pacs for that and it would be chill. - thanks for reading
  25. What your suggestion is: To add two new addons which would be useful or at least nice to have on the serverScriptfodder/workshop link:ARX HUD: Hit Markers: additional information: ARX HUD: Adds a useful and configurable ammo counter onto the side of your crosshair. It can also add other elements such as an extra health bar and a bar showing reload progress around the crosshair. Its something that i think would make a good quality of life addition to t